Hazel Chatikobo

Hazel Chatikobo

Investment & Financial Analyst
BSc (Hons) Economics , MSc (Finance and Investments), CFA Level 3 Candidate

Hazel was previously employed with IT Savanna Plains, Standard Chartered Bank and Stanbic Bank. Over the years she has developed skills in Investment Analysis, Credit Management, Banking and Deal Structuring

Some of key responsibilities included:

  • Developing models to assess market, credit and or operational risk of new and existing strategies
  • Monitoring of emerging risk factors.
  • Proposing and recommending risk mitigation strategies
  • Assisting in setting up credit-control system
  • Complying with all laid down money laundering prevention procedure
  • Providing investment expertise in assigned asset class
  • Assisting in the structuring of investments/legal documents
  • Analyzing portfolio performance and trends, implementing changes as needed
  • Ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulation governing investments and bank assets as defined in the Banking Act and other relevant legislation.

 Currently she is involved in:

  • Financial Analysis, forecasting, scenario analysis, stress testing and valuations.
  • Various portfolio, investment and financial related research
  • Performing due diligence investigations relating to Mergers and Acquisitions and projects for capital raising
  • Screening projects to determine the financial viability, including projecting cash flows and growth opportunities.
  • Deal Origination, Deal Analysis, Credit analysis, Due Diligence and Business planning, Deal Management and Post Investment monitoring

 Hazel is well trained in Advanced Excel Financial Modelling and has deep experience in Equity Markets and Equity Valuations. In addition, her training in Information technology includes:

  • Banking Business Systems
  • E-Opal (International Transactions)
  • Modelling software Maxima
  • Rascal

M/s Chatikobo is also a Member of the Institute of Risk Management South Africa (IRMSA).